Healthcare is changing

The supply structure will further adjust itself to the patient's needs and make the patient the focus of attention. Island solutions will vanish if they fail to bridge to the patient’s pathway. End-to-end solutions that include diagnostics, treatment, and therapy will not only improve healthcare for every individual patient, but also the quality, efficiency, and costs for the healthcare provider.

The handling of data is changing

During the digitization, the handling of data will change. Healthcare providers will incorporate data from other parties into their decision making. Data will become the foundation of collaboration and will accompany people beyond sectoral boundaries. The patient grants selective access to his healthcare data.

It is time to think about new standards and overcome boundaries by means of modern technology, smart processes and the interconnection of collaborating parties in the healthcare system.

Collaboration and working for common goals

We want to play an active role in changing healthcare for the better. Therefore, it is vital for us to contribute to the challenges of data exchange and the interconnection of healthcare providers and patients. We provide custom solutions for the individual parties that create added value, overcome dated structures and do justice to the potential of ehealth.

Our experience is that standards and alleged restrictions from the perspective of data security can be mastered, as long as the patient isn’t left out. It is vital to keep the patient's needs in mind at all stages. It is possible and we see proof of it emerging more and more often today. Due to pioneers, pilot projects, enthusiastic startups, open-minded principals in hospitals and dedicated and experienced companies like eHealth Ventures.

We are ready, we act!

Best consultants 2018 for the German healthcare market - we are grateful for the award!