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Our Medica 2017 Sweepstake “Admission Manager” and the Winning Lot Number


Das Gewinnerlos zum Gewinnspiel

For our sweepstake “Admission Manager” the winning hospital has been drawn. The "Admission Manager" is a brand new app for hospitals. The hospital with the lot number 2889 is the winner of our unique offer and will get an installation of the “Admission Manager” entirely free of charge. The innovative app “Admission Manager” eases the admission process at hospitals substantially. It reduces bureaucracy and administration work and increases the satisfaction of the patients. For more information about the Admission Manager, please go to POLAVIS CLINIC.

Congratulations to the winner!


Medica 2017 – Communication Required


Medica 2017

In hall 15 of the fair in Düsseldorf, the main subject is communication. The exhibitors presented their products and services from the 13th until the 16th of November 2017. eHealth Ventures was right in the middle of it.

To our satisfaction, we created a delightful buzz with our POLAVIS product family. Next to the software suppliers, there were many regional and international stands. Our neighbors, for instance, were our colleagues from Berlin Partners and Task Force Healthcare from the Netherlands. The audience was international, many came from the Middle East and from Asia. During the many conversations we’ve had, it became clear that there is a big demand for collaborations and solutions that are engineered in Germany. It becomes especially interesting when the focus is on lasting cooperations rather than copying ideas :-).

We were happy to see that many potential customers and partners visited our stand. We had many fruitful conversations during which new interesting ideas and realistic chances emerged. We will keep you updated.


Roadmap HR-digitization – Roundtable Network of Excellence for Hospital Management


Roadmap HR-Digitization

The Kompetenznetzwerk Krankenhausmanagement (Network of Excellence for Hospital Management), regularly organizes discussion groups with experts and decision-makers from the German healthcare industry. Recently, a team of representatives from university hospitals and welfare organizations came together to talk about HR, personnel and the chances and opportunities that emerge through digitization.

The participants of the workshop reported about their ongoing and planned initiatives. Enriched with feedback, the findings were organized into a digitization roadmap for HR in healthcare. Together, a prioritization according to feasibility and the added value was created for the respective organizations and patients. It resulted in a roadmap for HR-digitizations.

All participants agree that the exchange of ideas is profitable. This is because one's own position can be determined, the horizon can be widened and prototypes can be realized together. The next workshop is due in spring 2018.