Our Roots

The people at eHealth Ventures have worked on and were responsible for challenging projects in the analog world: Optimization of healthcare departments, sanitation of hospitals, developing new concepts for outpatient care, resource management of inpatient care and also process modernization of insurance companies. Due to the many years of supervising IT operations in pension institutions and healthcare groups, we bring an expertise in IT management to the table. We gained our know-how of modern technology, digitization, and ehealth through working intensively on innovating healthcare and recruiting proven experts and software engineers. With the tranquillity of proven experts and enthusiasm about the possibilities of digitization, we consult our clients during the transition from analog to digital. We help to conceptualize and realize their ehealth projects, successfully. As entrepreneurs, we create our own solutions, invest in good ideas and bring new partners together.

Understanding Systems


Hare and hedgehog. In healthcare a familiar competition between structure and innovation. Yet, technology and digitization change the rules of the game. The difficulty: analog and digital have to come together, and this cannot only be achieved by means of a solid cable. We bring expert knowledge from either side, a brimmed toolbox and perhaps most importantly a common dictionary to the table.

Activating Processes


Functioning tools please, and simple solutions spark enthusiasm. That is because most important is the use, the convenience, and relevance. With creative ideas, we develop new procedures for healthcare, services or the administration, from beginning to the end. Our advantage is the fact that we have seen and shaped healthcare, from all the different perspectives of the individual parties involved. But we also have insider knowledge in other sectors, think outside the box and live by the philosophy that the best is only good enough.

Data Usage


When the pieces of a puzzle are merged, a new meaning arises. Possibly even new insights. It’s a pity, however, when the pieces of the puzzle come from different boxes. Healthcare data is still heterogeneous and disseminated. Yet, we can recognize patterns, sort them by topic and interpret them. Simple and secure without throwing established systems overboard.