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Gaining and Keeping Nursing Students – HR Management at University Hospital


HR Management in University Hospitals

Especially for big hospitals, it is a continuous challenge to cover the demand for care providers and position themselves as an attractive employer. Especially in big cities and metropolitan areas, where university hospitals can mostly be found, there is strong competition. And even though, hospitals offer many apprentice positions and generally like to keep their trainees after graduation, in many cases it remains difficult to find the right person at the right time for new vacancies. Additionally, offering further education and alternatives for their staff isn’t always easy.

That is why several university hospitals, among which the leading Medical University of Hannover and the University Hospital in Mainz sat down together with eHealth Ventures. The result is an innovative HR-app specifically designed for nursing students and care providers. The concept: Find all data that is relevant to the target audience, quickly and easily. This specifically includes training opportunities and job offers and the opportunity to sign up and apply directly by smartphone, no matter where you are.

The design and functionalities of the app were developed together with the collaborating university hospitals. We organized workshops with the hospitals and the HR specialists of the 4C GROUP AG to yield a detailed UX by means of personas, use cases, and additional tools. The feedback we received from the target audience was outstanding and very concrete since these young people knew exactly what they wanted. The HR departments involved agree that we established something that makes sense and provides value to the hospitals and trainees.

Digitizing Processes – Strategic Decisions in the Care Sector


Digitizing Processes in the Care Sector

In the industry, efficient and digitally supported processes are usually firmly established and are being further optimized and expanded across the production chains. In the care sector, however, in many cases, the digitization processes could not have been effectively launched. This is due to the high costs and to its specific infrastructure, especially when it comes to the many isolated facilities. New technologies, however, provide new chances to develop better solutions. Solutions, that can be smoothly integrated into the existing information systems.

One of the biggest care enterprises in Germany now decided to fully invest in digitization. A high priority was the optimization of the internal procedures with regards to their staff. With the support of eHealth Ventures the heterogeneous and often paper-based procedures, formulas, and systems are being screened and transferred into a digitization roadmap. The goal is to avoid unnecessary work and annoyance and provide a more agreeable work environment for all. Especially with regards to the interaction between employees and Human Resources. Furthermore, the efficiency and quality should be increased, last but not least for the patients.