Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is valid for everyone involved in the success of eHealth Ventures. Our employees, suppliers, service providers and all our business partners. We focus on exceptions rather than on standards. Subsequently, you’ll find the things we care about in our collaborations.

Conduct towards our Clients


Our relationship with our clients is shaped by mutual trust, respect, and honesty. We work closely with our clients, yet never lose the necessary distance to handle our business professionally. In our view, it is a requirement to work on eye level. Our independence cannot be negotiated, not in the pursuit or realization of our projects. We convince without financial contributions or other granted advantages.

We work budget-conscious at all times, with effective travel guidelines and transparent license and cost accounting. This approach is our foundation of trust for all of our collaborations. Our assignments and projects often comprise sensitive data from our clients. That is why we uphold data protection and our obligation to confidentiality with the utmost fidelity. Our employees are obliged to discretion from their first day onwards.

Depending on the kind of projects, our management may be directly involved on site. Together with the decision makers of our clients, they carry the responsibility for the success of the project.

Conduct towards our Employees


We work with passion, entrepreneurial responsibility, and precision. We develop our employees to become personalities that prove to be courageous in their work. Our staff has a healthy attitude, works in line with our company values and should never lose sight of the demands of our customers. We can best assure this, by hand picking our personnel for the individual tasks at hand, and by building a team that is flawless in its approach.

We are professionals that focus on the client's needs and take on their way of thinking. This does not work, when we consider quick insights as satisfying. We, therefore, strive for long-term relationships that yield significant advantages for our customers. Our focus on continuity and longevity also determines our growth strategy. Quality goes before revenue.

We regard the diversity of our employees as a strength. We do not discriminate against anyone. The essential criteria for the selection and development of our employees are skills and qualifications. We value a lively corporate culture beyond the responsibilities of the job profile. To do this, we invest in our organization and employees. We value an appealing and modern work environment that promotes cooperation and exchange. We are also convinced that the safety and the well-being of our employees are essential to our economic success. We attach great importance to the compliance of our health and safety guidelines. We endeavor to sustainably promote the physical and mental well-being of our employees.

Conduct towards our Stakeholders


We work closely with our business partners and commit ourselves to our shareholders, service providers, and suppliers at all times. Wherever needed, we comply with applicable rules, regulations, and laws. Our stakeholders can rely on our collaboration, fairness, and integrity.

Conduct towards Laws and Authority Regulations


It is our top priority to comply with the laws and regulations of all countries in which we operate. In addition, we only accept orders that comply with applicable law and our values. We do or omit nothing that would lead to a violation of the law. Exceptions to this are not permitted. Likewise, our business partners, service providers, and suppliers comply with all applicable and relevant laws, guidelines and standards.

Environmental Responsibility


Environmental awareness is an ethical and entrepreneurial duty for us. This is reflected in i.a. our travel policies and office standards.